Motion Control

Motion Control




Otto is my main rig. This was a recent creation of mine, and provides 8 Degrees of Movement. Please check the Otto page for more details.

Chronos HD rail

Chronos Lite rail

These are the two Moco rail systems we make.  The HD offers a little better stability, and strength, the Lite rail features built in legs and only weighs a hair over 5lbs. I use both of these with Biolapse.

One of the big things to consider, is accuracy and movement resolution. Right now there are NO systems that compete with ours in that regard. They can move as little as 1/32,000th of an inch, reliably with a good solid coupling.

You will NOT get this resolution with a DC motor and a belt drive. Or even a geared stepper and a belt drive. Lead screw is clearly the way to go. That is not to say other brands are bad, I do not mean to state that at all, but they are not very suitable for this type of work. The last timelapse i did as i write this moved was moving .00275 inches between frames, for a total of about 1 inch movement over about 500-600 frames. When shooting plant life, this sort of resolution comes in very handy.

These systems are also 100% repeatable too. They can repeat the exact same motion over and over identically frame by frame every time. This offers the ability to do some pretty neat things with timelapse. 🙂


Lens Apparatus

This is out lens control system. As far as i know, this is the ONLY timelapse lens control system on the market. I could be wrong, i have seen a lot of video lens control systems for focus pulls and such which claim to work with timelapse, but the fact is if you see a focus pull done during timelapse it was most likely done with a Lens Apparatus. We spent a LOT of time working on the code to optimise it for lens use and to give it the flexibility to work with not only mechanical lenses, but fly by wire lenses as well. The FBW lenses can be extremely tricky to use, and the Lens Apparatus is the only system that will give you the ability to accurately control these with time lapse.  Simply twisting a focus ring is not enough.




eMotimo!  Everybodys favorite pan and tilt system. I have not used this with biolapse yet but i fully intend to. RIght now at The Chronos Project we have no immediate intentions to build pan/tilt systems. I dont really have anything bad to say about eMotimo, i wish there was a way to alter motor speeds after you set the keyframing up. It tends to try to move too fast and stalls the stepper on our HD rails.

Also, for some reason it wont read the Chronos shutter signal, which i will have to work on. Dirk says he reverse wired the Focus and Shutter lines in a connector and got it to work, but sure why this works, Chronos has the Focus and Shutter hardwired together internally.

I will have to figure that out before i use it, as eMotimo does not allow intervals longer than 10 minutes, and im usually shooting at 15-20 min intervals.


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