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Over the years I have built hundreds of motion control systems, from simple sliders to complex 8-10 axis robotic photographers.  My designs are project specific and completed systems are generally available for sale.  Lets face it, the Pan/Tilt/Slide/Focus is fine for basic work, but there is a limit as to what you can do. My focus is to create robots that work within a much larger shooting envelop, and generally that live within a studio, but more complex field systems are a possibility, but more complex field systems are also something to look at.

Custom direct lens focus systems.

I have made hundreds of focus systems for timelapse photography and video. The standard way of using a FIZ (Focus Iris Zoom) system with DSLR is to mount everything on a 15mm rod system. However there is always a little play in the lens mount, this results in a tug on the lens anytime the direction shifts. The most effective solution is to build a mount that clamps directly to the lens, this way you fan change directions on focus and hit multiple focus targets without causing any visual tugs on the lens. To accomplish this I custom model and print lens mounts for any lens. If i do not currently have a mount for the specific lens, just send me the lens, I will 3d model a lens clamp for your lens.

Custom Lens Clamp – $200
Custom Lens Clamp plus Lens motor – $400

Gantry Based Robotic Systems


Systems such as Otto generally run around $12k USD, does not include camera. Price may be more or less depending on the specific needs.  There will need to be a discussion about the size of system, speed requirements, weight requirements, etc. These rigs are not only perfect for studio timelapse but also excellent animation systems. All of my systems are powered by the industry standard Dragonframe, they can be capable of timelapse and REAL TIME movement as well.
These are very complex rigs, a consultation is needed.

Standard package includes
X axis
Y axis
Z axis
3D Stereoscopic mini slider
Extra auxillary channel to move props, turntables, etc. 


These systems are less customized but can do nearly everything a Gantry style system can do. The towers are incredibly stable robotic photography systems. Like the tower robots these systems run off Dragonframe and are perfect for studio timelapse, stop motion animators, or even 3d photogrammy. Price is 10,000 USD, includes laptop, software, drivers, everything needed except the camera. Track can be included. Slide rail can be custom length, and the Pan Tilt can be adjusted in length and drop by swapping 15mm rails. These are very strong systems, I would put a conservative guess at 40lbs.
Cost = $10k per unit with the understanding that there might be some customization.

Height = 88 inches. (7 foot 4 inches, 2.23 meters)
Base width 23×23 inches (58cm x 58cm)
Slide = 33 inches (83cm)

Z Axis, Vertical Lift= 71 inches (5ft-11in) / 1.8 meters
X axis, Slide travel 25.5 inches (2ft-1.5inch) / .64
Y Axis, Track travel = limited by length of tracks. Can work horizontally as well
Pan, = 360 degrees
Tilt, 360 Degrees (Depending on lens setup)
+ 2 Auxilary ports to animate props or turntable

Pan Tilt Slide

To be honest there are already lots of excellent Pan/Tilt/Slide systems on the market. I would have a hard time beating price/performance of the turn key systems out there.


Everything Else

Got a crazy idea? Something you need built that you have not seen before? Lets talk, we can work with your budget and see what we can come up with. Rovers, Tree crawlers, Line cameras, Cranes, the possibilities are endless.



Contact for inquiry.


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