Biolapse Dragonframe Interface Unit

This page is going to be heavily in progress for the next few days. When I have time I will update with photos and more information.  8/4/2017.

Biolapse Dragonframe Interface Unit

The BDIU is the interface bridge between the Dragonframe software and the Motors on your hardware.  It is a PCB with all the connections that allows you to control up to 6 small stepper motors (about 1 amp per motor max) with the Dragonframe software.  This is currently at the heart of Lil’ Wayne, and will be the control for Project3 as well.

This is a great interface system for stop motion and timelapse via dragonframe. This setup will NOT be able to perform real time moves.

The BDIU consists of several main components

  1. Arduino Mega or clone. Generally I try to use the real deal, but sometimes the clones work just as well for 25% the cost.
  2. Biolapse Dragonframe Arduino Shield. This is my own custom designed PCB that make all of this super easy to connect.
  3. a4988 Stepper Drivers. These are used in a LOT of devices. They are great at controlling small stepper motors for this type of work. They are extremely available online, and dirt cheap.
  4. 12v Power supply. I recommend at least a 5amp 12v power supply. You might be able to run off battery if it has enough current output. However my uses are all in the studio so I use a power supply similar to this one on Amazon. Attach a lamp cord with a plug and you have a good AC connection to provide 12v power to the BDIU.


I would be willing to build a BDIU complete and ready for $250.  I know, that is a lot more than it costs to build one, if you know my history with The Chronos Project, you might already know this but Kyle and I really got burned out on manufacturing and selling rigs and that is why we stopped.  I am a busy person, the cost is what it would take to motivate me do build and ship. If it makes you feel better, I would only use real Arduino MEGA’s and would be using quality a4988’s from Polulu, not the cheap stuff on ebay. I don’t think there is anything out there where you can spend $250 and have the ability to control 6 axis with a simple USB connection to Dragonframe. Keep in mind, this is not for large systems with heavy motors.
I might be willing to part with a single PCB board if you want to do all your own soldering / assembly for less.

If you are interested, email me at and we can work something out.


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