Chris Field


Please allow me to introduce myself.

I seldom talk about my personal life or about myself on here, but I wanted to take a brake and do just that. My name is Chris Field and I live in Littleton Colorado. I have been into photography for about 8 years, and building motion control systems for timelapse photography for about 5 years. My friend Kyle and I started The Chronos Project and have sold Motion Control systems for time lapse photography all over the world. We even ran a successful Kickstarter for a focus control system, and eventually we both got burnt out on building and selling. This was a side project for each of us and we got spread so thin on selling, building, and such that we could not keep up on R&D. The competition marched on and we just sat back and let it go. It was fun, but I have a full-time career in telecommunications that I enjoy and pays well. I am a single father, Kyle has a family and a full time job. It just got to be too much, it was fun, but had to end. It was a welcome break. One day back in 2013 or I set up one of my Chronos rails in my basement and aimed the camera at a flower and filmed it. I was immediately hooked and knew that was the direction I wanted to take my work. Fast forward to now, and I have managed to take this to a pretty ridiculous level.  My goal is to be able to film plants at the same level as you see on Planet Earth. I am not there yet, but I am getting closer and closer. I have found this to be my ultimate hobby. There are no “off the shelf” systems that allow for long term studio timelapse. I have had to build most of my own tools. Lighting coordinators, environmental controls,  motion control systems, etc. I build my own sets, grow my own plants, I do all of this as a one man show. This means I get to wear many hats. Electrical and mechanical engineering, computer coding, set design, environmental control, photography, cinematography, timelapse photography, system maintenance, botany, etc.  There are a handful of people in the world that do this sort of work, and that means I get to show people things they have never seen before and film things that have never been filmed.  I hope one day I can do this as a career, but in the meantime it seems to keep me out of trouble and out of money.

MY work has been featured on National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, Engadget, Fstoppers, Buzzfeed, Vimeo Staff Picks, and multiple film festivals including Skepto, Wildlife & Scenic, and Look 3, and more.

Chris lives in Littleton Colorado with his son Logan.