PyroPet shoot

Hey folks

After that 43 day time lapse, I really wanted to do something that was a bit quicker.  That timelapse was 43 days but what I dont count is the 10 days of filming that got scrapped, so it was nearly 2 months of nonstop filming which is a pretty long time to occupy my studio.

I wanted to expand out a bit and take a short break from plants and go with something where I could crank out some footage in a relatively short time.  I picked up a few candles from the craft store and stuck them to a skull I have and filmed it. The footage did not really turn out awesome, and I may release it some day, but it was fun to experiment with.  I started looking online for some unusual candles and ran across the PyroPets. They are animal shaped candles with metal skeletons in them that are revealed as they burn.  I picked a couple up, and spent the time to film a BTS video, which ended up being pretty long, but it gives a good glimpse into what goes on in the Biolapse studio.

The first Pyropet was a reindeer, and I almost missed all the cool action.  I was not sure what to expect, I had heard they were 20 hour candles, and I was not sure exactly how to plan it.  The prior candles I had shot seemed to do their best at 30 second intervals.

If the candle lasted 20 hours, well that is 72,000 seconds. So at 30 second intervals that would be 2,400 frames. Which is very excessive, and I have no desire to process that much. I started out with 30 second intervals and ended up bumping that to about a minute. 5 hours later the wick burned past the head and a rift allowed the wax to flow out and within 45 minutes the whole body dumped off. I really did not expect that! I had assumed the head would be the fastest part, and the body would take forever.

The Pyropet Kitty went much better as i used what I learned from the Deer.

And of course the epic long BTS video.




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