Brushing up on my social media game.

I am NOT an expert on social media and marketing, I don’t claim to have any real knowledge of what I am doing, and I welcome any comments, suggestions, etc.

Just wanted to throw that out there.

So I have been trying to work on my online presence, social media, etc, in order to try to get my work out there and seen by as many people as possible. I have made the decision that it is time to stop pissing around and to start putting in real efforts to see if I can make a career change. I don’t discuss my day job online, at least, I have not for quite some time.  I have about 20 years in telecommunications, which is a very corporate environment. It has treated me very well, I have met lots of wonderful people and my career has had solid progression. The fact is though I have realized I don’t want to do that forever. I want to start working on a career transformation. And until recently, I did not think that was possible.

One of the reasons I had backed off of The Chronos Project is that I could not see that ever developing to the point where it could replace my primary income. However, it was replacing all my free time.

I started doing biolapse because it was an excellent blend of my interests, I still got to play with motion rigs, build and invent new tools, code on arduino, play with plants, and it made a nice little side business selling footage and filming for projects.  I am not beholden to shipping deadlines, or troubleshooting over the phone, and it is something I can work on at my own pace.

I don’t like to brag much, but I am going to toss modesty out for a few minutes.

Over the last 5 years of filming plants (started in 2013) I have learned a lot. I have developed my techniques where I can film plants for months without stressing them out, and have learned how to work with the plants, rather than hoping they perform. I can track, follow, adjust, and adapt to the environment throughout the shoot which has never been done before. I am putting out some pretty high quality content, and most importantly, I love doing this. I want to see if there is a possibility to do this commercially full time.

My limited knowledge of marketing makes this tough. One avenue I am trying to pursue is through social media. For the last 7 to 8 years I held all my videos on Vimeo. I always felt Vimeo had a little more credibility than YouTube, but the fact is YouTube has far more reach. So I spent some time getting my yourtube channel in better shape, but so far my best reach has always been with facebook.

The Facebook analytics  are fairly interesting. I recently posted two 2k videos of carnivorous plants. I shared each of them across about 10 groups and they have both taken off. At least so it seems. Let’s look at a couple screen grabs

I am pretty fascinated by this, and a little bit disappointed as well. This is the first time really looking through this data. As I write this, there are about 12.5k reach ,  3000 views, and 305 reactions.

So 3000 views, but what good is that if the views average 6 seconds?

per the data above, the average person does not even make it through the Biolapse intro.  Looking deeper, I see there have only been 171 clicks on the video, meaning the other 2829 were auto loads, and a large amount of them never got to the time lapse.

This kind of tells me that the reach is meaningless.  Even the number of views is not very telling.

One thing is clear, the Drosera Collection 1 video I am currently working on will not be using the same Biolapse intro clip I have used in the past. I will be trimming that down to 2 seconds, less, or eliminating it altogether and relying on the back end of the video. It will be interesting to see if I have been shooting myself in the foot by having that Biolapse intro clip.

I will revisit this topic later and see what happens if i remove the intro and just dive right in. Attention spans seem short. Lol


One thought on “Brushing up on my social media game.”

  1. …as you’ve discovered, great work needs smart marketing or no bueno on the sought after financial rewards. I make my living full time with time-lapse and smart marketing takes time and it begins and ends with SEO and/or hashtags.
    I agree with you about the intro being too long, (a sign of the times) but there are ways to visually “grab” viewers with a strong intro.

    PM me if you want to talk about what I’ve done.

    In any event, good luck! And great work!


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