Computer Problems. Any advice?

Everything is squared away. I managed to get the drives restored. Thank you everyone!

Ok, so I am taking a break from working on the PC and gonna give it some time to see if anybody has any advice.

I7-7700k Processor
ASRock extreme 4 Z270 Mobo
SSD Sandisk Ultra II  = C: (os)
SSD Sandisk Ultra II = Z: (ssd for material i am working on)
HDD x2, 4tb in Raid 0 = 7.5tb Raid (about 4tb used, this is my large sandbox where I store footage I am working on or waiting to work on)
External HDD bay used to swap HDD to store data when I am done working on them
3TB NAS for family photos and such

The other day I went to use my computer and it had a message “Reboot or Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot Device”

WTF right?

My computer is normally ON. I don’t know if there was a windows update that forced a reboot, but generally I catch the notifications. I rebooted the PC, and it loaded into the windows login page. I entered my credentials and it just sat there with the spinning cursor.

Oddly enough, I was able to see all my drives from my laptop. Even the C: drive which is a Sandisk ultra II 480gb drive. I know SSD have a shorter lifespan, and this one was about 3 years old. My assumption is the drive was bad.

I shut it down, and popped the C: SSD into my hotswap bay and managed to recover all the files that were on my desktop. However copying ProgramFiles directory would result in it freezing up and stopping. I ran a check on the drive, it found errors as expected and it corrected them and found no more errors.  Plugged C: back in the PC and started it up, same issue.  Wouldnt go past login page.

I Put Z in and after a LOT of bullshit finally got Windows reloaded. At first it was complaining about the drive type being “Windows Cannot Be Installed to This Disk. The Selected Disk Is of the GPT Partition Style.”

I converted it to MBR, and it still failed. Stating to check the logs as to why (not sure where the logs are). So i tried formatting it in DISKPART and it went back to being GPT.

I kept messing with BIOS, and in ASRock bios it is somewhat confusing. But i did manage to get it.  There was at one point I changed the boot settings (CSM) to Legacy Only for Launch Video OpROM Policy.

After that I could not get the display working. I had to reset the CMOS to get it working again.

I finally found the magic combination though, as I was trying to use USB UEFI instead of USB. Cant remember all the settings, I wish i took better notes.

Win 8 was finally installed. Then win 10.1 over the night

This morning everything looks good, but my Mobo no longer sees the 7.5tb raid array.

When I first built this PC, it was using another ASRock Mobo, and that is when i built the array. Last spring I upgraded the CPU and Mobo, and the Raid continued to work through it. No problems, It just worked with no effort on my side.

Now however, no raid. I checked the Bios and found the following.

SATA Mode Selection
AHCI: Supports new features that improve performance.
RAID: Combine multiple disk drives into a logical unit.

When in AHCI, bios sees the SSD and both HDD, but only SSD shows in windows.
WHen in RAID it wants to consider the SSD a raid and ignores the HDD. In windows SSD is fine but no RAID shows up.

I moved back to Boot Options and under CSM (Compatibility Support Module) and set the following to Do Not Launch for all three. (Select Do not launch to not execute both legacy and UEFI option ROM)

Launch PXE OpROM Policy
Launch Storage OpROM Policy
Launch Video OpROM Policy

I Reset, and nothing comes up on the screen. (This happened that first time and i reset the CMOS and it fixed it, so i did this again)

Reset CMOS

Still no video at all. Through either the 1080Ti card, OR through the HDMI out the back of the motherboard. I have a small mini monitor with HDMI that i used to try the HDMI to help rule out the monitor.

I have tried resetting CMOS again a few more times and I don’t get jack.

I did not have enough time to fetch another spare monitor that accepts DVI, but that is what I plan when I get home.

At this point I am starting to suspect a bad motherboard for the following reasons.

  1. I rebooted about 20-25 times while tweaking the bios in troubleshooting and trying to resolve the SSD type issue. Several times there would be no video, but rebooting it again normally got it working.
  2. Unable to see the RAID Array. The RAID was already established on the prior motherboard (I no longer have this) and when moving to this new motherboard the RAID continued to work with no setting adjustments whatsoever. It immediatly recognized the Raid array. That should STILL be the case when reloading the OS i would assume?

If anyone has any ideas for me I would love to hear them. I have about 6 months of footage on the RAID array that i would like to NOT lose. However, if i lose it, its not the end of the world, but that would really sort of suck.

if anyone has any ideas or tips, hit me up at

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