Flowers 4K

Be sure to use full screen mode, this should be available to view in 4k.

If you are a Vimeo hater, i have you covered on Youtube as well. Same Video.

This is sort of a rag-tag collection of footage I racked over the past 6 months. I have been shooting plants for years now, and this last year I had the opportunity to build a pretty awesome motion control system powered by Dragonframe. I call it Otto. Of course there was a bit of a learning curve, and also quite a bit of effort debugging and re-working it to get the output that I wanted. During this time I have been focusing on filming flowers as they generally flower in 1-3 days so If something went wrong its not a huge deal and I don’t lose weeks of footage. I am finally ready to start another project that will require much longer filming durations, and I figured it would be worthwhile putting together a short showcase film of the flowers I had filmed. I also threw a little “Behind the scenes” in there too.
I normally try to keep 5 cameras shooting. 2 on motion control rigs and 3 static cameras. This introduce a heck of a lot of challenges but I really enjoy doing this work.
The video is probably a bit raw. Video editing is not my strong suit for sure.

3 thoughts on “Flowers 4K”

  1. …bravo and excellent work Chris! I am a huge fan of your effort, smarts and of course the end results! Editing is something I do quite well. PM me if you want to discuss a collaboration…

    1. Hey Michael, I may just take you up on that. I really have a hard time getting my vision with editing. It may be best to let somebody else do that.
      My schedule with this work is generally pretty open and I am happy to collaborate. If you get any crazy ideas hit me up and lets discuss it.

  2. Stunning footage Chris. I followed your early progress with the Chronos Project but this rig is another level altogether. It may be an idea to reach out to the major natural history production companies and show them what you can do (Nat Geo, BBC, Oxford Scientific Films etc). Despite your aversion to editing, the editing works pretty well too!

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