I already did that.

So sometimes I start a project and lose track of  SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAH.  I mean sometimes I get distracted and lose track of shit. For every 10 ideas i have of something I want to do, only 1-2 of them come to be realized.  A lot of this just has to do with a finite amount of time. Being a single parent, having a full time career, working on Biolapse, and attempting to have some sort of a social life, I just have too many things I want to do.

Sometimes though I get pretty far on something and completely forget that I had even done it. Case in point, the BCM2. I would like to build a better version of the BCM.  There are two main concerns I have to work with. The hardware, and software.

In order to keep things tidy,  I usually try to design the PBC in Designspark then fire it off to DFRobot since they have a super affordable prototyping service where small runs of circuit boards can be manufactured for very low cost.

I was spending some time today trying to arrange and organize a PCB that would house eight a4988 stepper drivers for a Arduino Mega shield.  This is part of a project where I plan to gut the eMotimo and put my own electronics in it, converting it to a Dragonframe controlled stepper driver hub.

Before anyone gets too excited, this will be an AC powered studio rig, not really something portable to the field without some generator of some sort.

I had created a template for the stepper drivers, and I was trying to locate it when I ran across a BCM PCB design file.

I popped it open, and holy crap. I literally have no memory of doing this.

8 relay outputs? CHECK!
Multiple Optically isolated outputs? CHECK!
Joystick, Encoder, and Buttons for inputs? CHECK
Real Time Clock Module? CHECK
DHT 22 Temp/Humidity interface? CHECK
I2C connection for display? CHECK!

NICE! I had completely forgotten about this. The file is from 2015.  All i need to do is review it and make sure it is setup correctly, fire it off to DFROBOT and then start ordering the parts for the BCM2.

Now if i just had a DFMOCO arduino shield already designed……



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  1. …hey Chris, this may be a naive question but why do you need Dragonframe? Isn’t your movement via Otto causing the stop motion animation already? Thanks for a great blog!

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