Maybe building again?

Hi folks.

Wow its been over a month since my last post. I guess i just got caught up on things. A lot has happened. I turned 40, which was unexpected.  Been putting a lot of hours in at my day job, and filming some plants as well. I seem to have managed to get most of the bugs worked out on the System. I had two shoots where the Canon 6D shut off. Luckily it did not cause any real issues, but I’m not sure the best way to fix that issue just yet. It is not a timeout on the camera, something is happening. I had a cheap old Chinese ac power source which I had replaced with a genuine Canon power supply but the issue still happens. Everything is plugged into an UPS, shouldn’t see any power issues. I may have to build out some sort of a monitoring system.

Other than that, I’ve had several successful shoots but nothing that I can really show at this point.  I am thinking of picking up some flowers on my way home as the studio has been dark for a week now. I also have a live carnivorous plant set that is about ready for filming.

….another development..  we may actually have a new focusing system coming out. We are toying with a design that is intended to get rid of the elephant in the room that we all look past when discussing focusing systems for time-lapse photography, and that is lens tug.  I am fairly convinced this is why you almost never see focus pulls in timelapse. I have yet to find a camera lens mount that does not have some sort of play in it. That play translates out to a tug on the lens when shifting back and forth with lens motors. The design we are playing around with is extremely simple, lightweight, and would be a universal fit for (virtually) any lens, and actually mounts to the lens, not a 15mm rod, thereby eliminating lens tug.

I dont know how much effort I want to put into making/selling these things.  Between Chronos HD, Chronos Lite, and the Lens Apparatus we sold hundreds of systems through The Chronos Project. I love prototyping, I love inventing, but I’m not a fan of production and assembly, it eventually just turned into another job and became pretty tiring.  If we do bring them to market, they will not be sold with any control mechanism, so they would need to be used with control systems like emotimo or dynamic perception.  So Keep an eye on our social media on IG, Fb, and this website.  I dont think we will have an actual ordering system, but we will probably be happy to take email orders and paypal.

Thinking of building. A photographer has asked me the cost to build him something like Otto. Well, I have about 20k in equipment on this system, and hundreds of hours of labor. I don’t know a number i would feel good about putting out there, it would be a lot. Perhaps 60k, which is a LOT of money.  That has the gears in the head going about doing something new, something different.  You look at what the big names are doing… and it is all sort of the same stuff.  Here is the linear slide. Here is the Pan/Tilt or Here are a couple pieces that can be configured as a pan/tilt. Some of it is somewhat modular, but in a way of “these parts are designed to work in several orientations” but nothing that offers true freedom to design and build.  lets be honest, it always looks like the same thing right? The final result everyone looks towards is a linear slide, with pan/tilt and possible focus.  After playing around with Otto I have learned just how incredibly restrictive that template is.  With Otto I can literally float my camera in any direction, any orientation. While Otto is useless for remote locations and is not portable, when using it for the purposes in which it was designed it feels limitless in its capabilities.

I think I can capture that same freedom in something that is scale-able and affordable… and it probably wont look much like anything on the market.
As for the plants,  I hope to have some footage to display soon. I am also thinking about doing a series of dragonframe tutorials.

I have quite a bit of footage I have put together to do a virtual studio tour, but have not had the time to edit it together.

Well, back to the grind! Ill try to get some more footage up soon 🙂


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  1. Chris,

    Try using a different body, perhaps you just have a bad box…good luck and can’t wait to see new footage. BTW, I dealt with my flicker issue by using the 1/4 twist lens method…

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