Always gotta be sumthin


Cant just have shit work. Always running into issues.

Om my third attempt for a timelapse in the last few days. Started on Dec 4th. Everything was setup and looking good.
Back to the BCM for timing. Everything was looking good. Checked on the progress last night when i got home from work, and of course the BCM shows 92 shots while Dragonframe only shows 50.

The 6D kept saying FULL.  Best I can tell, it is referring to the memory card, which is NOT in the camera. When tethered the image is sent directly to the PC

I continued to have problems until I removed the Canon N3 connector, after which everything seemed to clear up.

I still had some space available on the hard drive it is saving to.  Not sure why it was doing that. It is the first time I had run into the issue.

I am starting to think the USB connection from camera to laptop is problematic. I have a 6 foot Mini USB to USB, connected to two 10 foot USB extensions for a total of 26 feet. Turns out USB should be under 16 feet. So last night I ordered an Active USB extender which should boost the signal to get a better connection.

I am also wondering about the power supply. The one I am using is a 3rd party power cable. I did notice that the battery level on the camera starts out full, and eventually drops. I have not seen it drop lower than losing a single mark off the battery indicator, just to be on the safe side I managed to find a genuine Canon ACK-E6


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