Cleaning House

I am super excited to be back to shooting for myself again. So excited, that I immediately started shooting. The results were not too good because I found myself rushing and shooting for the sake of shooting. Not good. There should always be a plan. However, the studio was a mess, my office is a mess. Everything was still geared towards that last project. I find myself On-call this week for my day job so i am pretty much tethered to my phone and laptop. I figured this would be a good time to stop shooting, rip apart my office and studio, and put things back together in a way that works better with Biolapse 2016 than Biolapse 2015 😉


Finally got everything pretty much cleaned up.


I had a makeshift greenhouse in my office that was up against a window.  The results were mixed. the plants lived, but did not really thrive. However they seem to do great under artificial lights, So I moved all that stuff down to the studio and reclaimed my office window, hopefully they will all start kicking ass again.


Also picked up a small computer desk for the laptop. Its nice having a clean space again. Its amazing how much junk you can accumulate over a year. Lot of spider webs from escape artists, parts of dead plants. It was a real disgrace 🙂

My office is starting to look better, but right now my work benches have been taken over by cameras, parts, etc.

I have been hanging out testing dragonframe all day, another post to come on the heels of this one about that.




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