Its been so long!

Hey Everyone!

I know there are probable like 3 people who read any of this… (Hi mom, Hi Dad, Hi 3rd person) But I have to say I’m pretty excited. I have spent the last year filming for a major project and my portion is finally about done. I have at most 2 days left.  That is why I have been quiet on here because I’m not supposed to discuss the details of the project, and that has dominated my studio for about a year now.  But I am still extremely active in this crazy hobby.
I am almost done though. I have maybe 2 days if things go right.  I spent time while doing this writing the text for some posts. What I have been doing, how i went about it, the challenges and difficulties i ran into. the successes, the goods and the bads. I think there is a good chance ill be able to release those. It would be a pretty hardcore BTS 😉 But you will all have to wait for a while longer.

It has been a busy year. I have done a lot of licensing of footage. About to sign onto another project ) which shouldn’t take nearly as long) that I am extremely excited for! Big year for me professionally. Made a bit of a career jump that has been a lot of fun but very demanding on time and a very high stress position.

I plan to do a pretty large Biolapse Studio overhaul here soon. I used to build timelapse equipment and have quite a lot of stuff at this point. I have a Chronos Lite, Chronos HD, and a custom Micro Chronos Lite along with a custom 8 foot belt feet system we helped put together for Pete Fecteau. If you have not heard of him look him up.  He is the guy that makes murals out of rubics cubes 🙂
With all this gear my goal is to use those and put together a gantry system with dragonframe as a control platform. I am aiming for Y/X/Z/Pan/Tilt/Rotate with lens control running a D810. It will be a fairly sophisticated setup to pull off some real incredible shots. I will be writing about that process as well.

So my apologies for being so quiet. If anybody reads this there will be lots of new content coming up now that I’m free. 🙂






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  1. I’m not one of your family members. Just a random person in California that admires your work. Looking forward to seeing your new stuff!

  2. Glad to hear from you again. Looking forward to learning more about what you have been up to and new projects going forward. Hoping the long drought of communication is over…for good…!!

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