Overcoming obstacles, happy with results.

Hello to my 3 readers! Short post today…

I wish I had something pretty to show you today, but the studio has been in and out of commission. Overall I am pleased with how things have been going.

Sony Debacles

The Sony A7’s gave me some grief.  First, they would not work with my normal method of hacked batteries. Normally I will just pop open a cheap chinese knockoff battery and dump the guts and shove a small DC-DC voltage regulator and tune it to the input voltage of the camera. Then I can stick a 12v power source to it and the camera stays on all the time, months on end.

Unfortunately Sony batteries are smarter than the average bear, and it would refuse to work with these batteries. I found some inexpensive AC adapters for the Sony A7, $40 a pair. They did seem to work, the Sony’s would stay on and work fine. A curious issue though, the camera still showed a battery and it would slowly tick down over the course of a few hours. This in itself is not a problem, however when the camera showed “no battery” it would continue to shoot, but the wireless antenna in the eye-fi card would seem to shut off, it would refuse to transmit any images.

I tried various things, replacing it with a better power source, etc, no avail. Eventually I caved in and picked up a pair of the Sony OEM ac adapters. No more “fake battery drain”.

With the power issue resolved it was time to figure out how come I couldn’t reliably get the wifi cards to dump their data. The issue seems to be the Sony A7’s metal body really cuts down on the range. a $35 Net Gear wireless repeater did the trick.  I now have all the cameras dumping their data to my raid server.

 New Shooting Tables

Air Hockey table is gone! Im was sick of that big old piece of crap. So I picked up some 2×4’s and plywood from Home Depot and threw together a pair of shooting tables. Together they are still smaller than the old table, but i like the smaller size and will probably normally only use 1. The old table was just a big pain in the ass.

When setting them up last night I realized it would actually work quite well to shoot two subjects at once. I can separate the grow lights a pretty decent amount, and put one LED studio light on each.  This will be nice because for the next 8 months I am not able to show the subjects I will be shooting. 3 cameras on the paid gig, and maybe use the 4th to shoot some stuff for biolapse. 🙂