March Update.

I had started to write this blog post, and realized that I had too much for just one post. I am going to go ahead and do this post about mushrooms now, and there will be another post in a few days highlighting a plant I have been shooting for the past 2 weeks complete with timelapse video and bts information, so stay tuned for that. For now……

Mushroom Progress

So far the mushrooms are a pain in the ass.  About a week ago inoculated a bunch of jars using a wood based substrate. The Blue Oyster and Reishi seem to like it, at least, the mycellum is spreading nicely. The Shitake on the other hand have done nothing. This might be a bad substrate for Shitake, but time will tell.

I had one older substrate cake that i pulled out and gave it a cold flush, meaning I soaked it in cold water for 24 hours, then I put it in a Shotgun fruiting chamber. In a nutshell, a shotgun fruiting chamber is built to encourage air flow, and retain humidity.

he Cake of Disappointment.

For 2 weeks I sat there and misted this stupid thing, and nothing. Not a single mushroom fruited. To be honest I am not totally surprised, growing mushrooms is not an easy feat, and I expect to have multiple failures before I start getting successes, so i am not that discouraged. I have two more cakes i need to try to fruit, however here in 11 days I will be flying out of town for a 10 day hiking vacation in Sedona Arizona.  So I think i may put these in a fruiting chamber and let Creigan take care of them. I do not plan to film these yet. Once i managed to get a few cakes to fruit I will try taking them out just as they begin to fruit and put them on the set and film the growth. I have a feeling i will be working on this film for at least a year.

Louie Louie Louie

For those who are interested, Louie Schwartzberg from MovingArt seems to have had the same Idea that I did. He seems to be quite a bit further along than I am as well but it is not totally clear. I have seen some of his work on Netflix in 4K on my Ultra HD tv and I have to say his work from a technical standpoint is virtually flawless.  His films are awfully long though and generally I lose interest after a while. But it is really tough to get people to stick around for 5 minutes, let alone 30 minutes.

He has been pushing this Fantastic Fungi Kickstarter and seems to be doing well with it.   I do not know much about Louie, he does not seem to run in the same circles as some of the more prominent timelapse film makers. He does have a very large following and has even done some TED talks. He has done quite a bit of macro/plant time lapse.  I would love to pick his brain and talk shop sometime, and while I am fairly well known in timelapse circles due to The Chronos Project as well as Biolapse, he seems to sit on a tier above me.  He is certainly a better photographer, has a far better budget, and probably better equipment than I have.  Looking at his kickstarter page he is also working with some people who are experts in fungus and will probably end up with a 100k budget.

This makes my setup look awfully insignificant in comparison. However, one thing that is clear to me is Mr. Schwartzberg and myself have two very different visions in how we present our work, and even with his work out there I believe people will still find enjoyment in mine.  After all, this is not a competition.


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