Failures and Victories

Win some Lose some.

So the pink flower was a total mess. The fact is sometimes plants just are not as cool as you would wish for. This is one of those times, pink flower just did not want to cooperate. 3,000 frames down the drain with hardly anything worthwhile, but I managed to get a little bit of decent footage.

I went out on saturday to run some errands and found some Daffodils and they actually worked out pretty well. I shot from 2 angles, and on one of them I blew the focus so… so much for that. The wide angle camera on the other hand was shooting against chroma key and it turned out pretty well!

I also spent some time this weekend trying to create a decent front/rear bumper set for my videos. I am not much of a graphics artist, but i am pretty pleased with the results.  I hope you enjoy.

And here is what I was able to salvage from the Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana. Now that I actually got it put together it is not too terrible, but not that exciting either.

What about the damn mushrooms?

Well I’m still trying to get to where i can reliably grow them. I just started, and to be honest this project is going to take quite some time, but I will keep periodic updates as i progress.

In the meantime, I plan to shoot as many flowers as possible.  After all it is spring isnt it? Its a great time for flowers!  I have already licensed some footage here and there, and i will continue to blog about that progress as well. I also have been growing a window sill herb garden, and will probably plan some more and do some timelapse of some dill and mustard.

Here is one of the frames from the flowers currently under the cameras. Two angles, one Chromakey (bluescreen) and one angle with a black background.


I will be sure to post as soon as I am done with these lillies!

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