Status Update

I figure it is time for an update.

The update is “bullocks”

Been dealing with a sick kiddo quite a bit. Im a single father and my son is with me 50% of the time. He seems to pick up bugs from his school just in time for a 5 day stretch with me, so i get to nurse him back to health and send him back to his mom’s house then I end up getting sick.  By the time he comes back he is just starting to show symptoms of something new.  All you parents know how that goes 😉

As for the mushrooms, not a lot going on. Only two of the inoculated jars have any mycelium. It has been going pretty slow but i think the problem is I am not getting them warm enough. However 2 out of 8 is not horrible i suppose, at least i have some growth, some of the others may still have some on their interior and it may not have made its way to the glass.

In the meantime i am finally shooting again. I picked up a Oyster Mushroom kit from amazon just to be working on something. The kit seems to be working fairly well and I have what looks to be a nice sized mushroom patch starting to pin.

It is currently down in the Biolapse studio with both cameras triggering at 6 minute intervals. I thought about putting together a Biolapse episode for this, but I’m working through the most recent stomach bug I caught from my son, and I really did not feel up to the additional hassle. I was supposed to be out attending a motorcycle safety class all weekend in efforts to get my M endorsement. Just a few weeks ago i picked up a dead sexy 2012 Yamaha FZ8 and I want to get my licence asap! But I had to reschedule. No big deal though, i have plenty of time.

Here in about a week I should have some footage of the Mushroom kit. I am looking forward to seeing how well this goes. 🙂


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