Dumb Rookie Mistake Day!

Well crap.

Apparently it is Dumb Rookie Mistake Day here at the Biolapse project.

I am working on Biolapse Episode 4. The mushroom stuff is going to take a while, I figure I should be filming something.  I got everything setup and running on Saturday, then i go down today to take a look and “MEMORY CARD FULL” on one of the cameras.


SO I get a new card in, luckily i did not seem to miss much.

Then i notice one of the T5 lights on the grow light i was using for fill was not coming on.


So i unplug the T5 from the BCM, direct into wall.  I would rather keep it running non stop and have consistent light than it turning on and off and intermittently one of the lights is not coming on

I think Episode 5 may be an episode on how to build fill lights for chromakey 🙂