I have my first mushroom!

It is just a single guy, and he is pretty small, but i do have a mushroom. This log may start sprouting all over the place after all



Now the question is, which camera did this come from? Is this a photo backdrop? or is this the chroma key backdrop?

On the educational and process/technique front involving the finer points of growing mushrooms, I have learned quite a bit about the processes involved, but run into the realization that most of the instructions out there are for psychadelic mushrooms.  Which itself is not that bad, however they are pretty illegal here, and the last thing I want to do is get in trouble, but the psychedelic mushrooms do sort of have the look i am going for. I very well may have to get a few pre-made kits, grow the mushrooms, then collect the spores for my own cultures. I also have to learn how to make various types of substrates.

Should be fun!



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