Biolapse Episode 3, Timelapse a Shitake. And news/updates.

Happy Holidays everyone!

I present Biolapse, Episode 3.  RIght after the intro i have the results of the shoot, also at the end of the video, just in case you have no desire to listen to a fat guy drone on and on.

What a busy last couple weeks, preparing for the holidays, preparing for this next project, and trying to get this damn mushroom to grow.

So a few updates…..

The Shitake mushroom log produced a single glorious mushroom. It was not much, but hey, I’ll take it.

Things are starting to come together

The vision of my next project is really starting to take shape. I had mulled around some ideas in the beginning, things I wanted to try, many of those ideas will be shelved for future projects. I know that there are plenty of timelapse’s of mushrooms, but nothing quite like what I will be attempting to pull off with this shoot. This will combine a lot of different techniques. My set building skills are going to be pushed to the max. I will also be adding in some chromakey work, and possibly mixing in some live video, but it will contain a lot more timelapse than the carniverous plants.

Much like the carniverous plants, the mushrooms are almost a hobby in themselves. The information on mushrooms is a bit spotty. Things seem to classify down into two distinct sets of growers. The first one is all about growing edible mushrooms for culinary purposes, the second group seems to focus on getting bugged up on magic mushrooms. This ends up causing me some problems, because quite frankly I don’t like eating mushrooms, and I’m not particularly interested in getting high on them.  Some of the mushrooms I want to film fall into these categories, however, I am more concerned about their looks than flavor or psychoactive effects, and unless you can make a tasty dish or you are planning to go to Burning Man, there is not much information on how to cultivate them.  It all make sense though, most mushrooms are extremely short lived, and most people have a hard time justifying putting in months of work for something that is inedible and will only live for 7-10 days.

I suspect many of the ones I cannot find information on will not be incredibly hard to grow. However getting a hold of the spores may be pretty difficult.

However, if all of this had already been done before, i wouldnt see much point in doing this. Not that there are not already some wonderful mushroom timelapse sequences, I just want to go farther than anybody else ever has.

Project Partner

So it seems I have picked up a partner for this film by the name of Creigan.  He is an old friend of mine who really has nothing to do with photography or time-lapse in any form. However if it were not for him I would not be doing this now. There would be no Biolapse, no Chronos Project.  About six years ago I started working on a barndoor tracker for astrophography, I was going through a divorce and trying to keep my mind occupied. I was running into issues with accuracy using a voltage regulator and DC motor, and he told me about something he read about called an Arduino.  Next thing you know I was diving headfirst into microprocessors and teaching myself how to code.

In my day job I work with a lot of very intelligent people, engineers, technicians, etc. By far Creigan is the smartest person I have ever met, his ability to “re-purpose” old items is flat out genius. My thought process is totally different as I tend to build things from the ground up. The mushroom incubator we will be using is his brainchild, this is a perfect example of what I am talking about. He used an old Jagermeister machine and turned it into an environmental controller.




Not only does it lock down and maintain the perfect internal environment, but well… it has been shot with a bullet.  What can I say?… I love my friends.


Using a camping cooler for the chamber. It has internal lighting, and even removes excess droplets from the vaporizer used to achieve the high humidity levels, and keeps fresh clean air moving though the system.



I am very excited to have his help with this project.  He never backs down from a challenge, and he is very excited to be involved. There will be a lot of technical difficulties on this project that will be difficult to overcome, and having an alternate perspective on how to achieve certain goals will be refreshing.

It is also an excellent reason for us to work on stuff and drink beer together. Of which we will be doing a lot.