Shit is in the mail

I have new shit coming in the mail!

Shitake mushrooms that is.  And some lighting gear.

I have a theory about lighting and studio based timelapse. I dont think expensive equates to better. I think low power, consistent output, and flexibility is far more important. So i have a new dirt cheap lighting solution on its way that I cant wait to test out.

I also want to experiment around with chroma key a bit, and using a large printed photograph as a backdrop.

Last time i tried chromakey it did not work out well, i think the problem was the shallow DOF, however when working with small plants and macro level photography narrow DOF is a fact of life. Sure you can stop way down, but then you start running into issues with diffraction.

I think that the type of background being used will really depend on the scene and the goals. So far i have build my own large foam backdrops, and I have experimented around with a projector. I want to be able to add chromakey and large printed photos to my arsenal.

Cant wait to get started! Hopefully shit will start showing up by friday.

One thought on “Shit is in the mail”

  1. I agree about the lighting – I used cheap home depot clamp lights with CFLs for all my plant time lapses – an idea on the Chroma Key set up – move the blue screen as far away from the plant as possible so as to minimize the blue spill, and you are correct the DOF is important, obviously for still you can focus stack but that gets a bit tedious for time lapse – maybe try a wider lens or a smaller sensor? keep up the good work.

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