Shit is in the mail

I have new shit coming in the mail!

Shitake mushrooms that is.  And some lighting gear.

I have a theory about lighting and studio based timelapse. I dont think expensive equates to better. I think low power, consistent output, and flexibility is far more important. So i have a new dirt cheap lighting solution on its way that I cant wait to test out.

I also want to experiment around with chroma key a bit, and using a large printed photograph as a backdrop.

Last time i tried chromakey it did not work out well, i think the problem was the shallow DOF, however when working with small plants and macro level photography narrow DOF is a fact of life. Sure you can stop way down, but then you start running into issues with diffraction.

I think that the type of background being used will really depend on the scene and the goals. So far i have build my own large foam backdrops, and I have experimented around with a projector. I want to be able to add chromakey and large printed photos to my arsenal.

Cant wait to get started! Hopefully shit will start showing up by friday.