So much for my self imposed deadline ;)



Ok so it is October 22nd, and I am still shooting.

I thought about this, and the self imposed deadline seems silly. The idea is to keep me from shooting for the next 3 months, however right now the plants look absolutely beautiful, and i am getting some killer footage.  Just finished a nice linear move+focus shift, and i think i may go for a couple more.

Some of my first footage was not the best, and rather than just getting enough footage to fill a 3 minute video, I would rather have more than i need, and I can be a bit more picky.

So i am extending my timeline to the end of the month, I should be able to get at least one more trap done (im not all that awesome enthusiastic about my red dragon clips right now and could stand to re-do a couple of them), and maybe another focus pull or two. The red dragon trap will easily take the next 9-10 days, and i can get another 3 focus pulls done with the other camera in that time.  So tonight when i get home from work i will spend some time planning out the next three shots.

This has been a learning experience for sure, the more time i get to spend with these plants the more i get to know them , the better i can predict what they will be doing and how long it takes. That really makes planning this stuff a lot easier.

I have some other things i need to get gone. First off, i need a proper logo for Biolapse.  Next i need to see about some music. I have a song in mind already which is affordable off, but I also have another song in mind which I am hoping the artist may let me use it, as i have zero budget and im not getting paid for any of this. 😉

we will see!

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