October 20th Deadline.

October 20th. That is my self imposed deadline, that gives me 16 days left with 2 cameras to grab the last of the footage i am looking for.  I have several shots i need to get by then, i want to get a green flytrap growing and opening, pitcher plants changing from green to purple, several more bugs being chomped and eaten, and at least one more focus pull. So that is 16 days, -1 for a Co2 bath, -1 for some additional video footage, then 4 week long timelapse segments. I have lots of excellent footage and i cant wait to put this project to bed and start working on the next project.

Also, on the top right of the site i have added a section called Tribal knowledge, these will be living documents that share the knowledge i have gained so if anybody else is crazy enough to attempt this sort of a thing they can save lots of time and money by looking at my lessons learned.

Glad to be back in the saddle! I cant wait to release the final video!

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