Current Updates, and I need money.

So i pulled my memory card today, and i am pretty stoked on what i have so far. It is some pretty solid footage.  I am not 100% sold on this LED light yet.

Here are a couple pics of the setup.


My DIY Light modifiers. A simple cardboard box on the LED panel make for a very simple set of barn doors.

Sitting on the table i have a loop of galvanized steel with pieces of tape and rubber gloves tied all over it.

I was out hiking this morning and noticed that a lot of flowers and plant life are in sort of mottled light from larger plant and trees casting shadows.  I had noticed something seemed to be a bit off on my prior lapses, the lighting was so even and flat it looked a bit artificial.

I whipped this up and instantly i love the effect, i plan to shoot this scene for about three days

The image below shows a frame it had just captured, looking good.



AND THAT brings me to my next point. I need money. I need at least 2 more of these grow lights and another Fuji Xe-1 body. Luckily all of them are somewhat inexpencive, however I just went through a gauntlet of bills. Birthdays, mother/fathers day, new roof on the house, my sons birthday extravaganza, daycare, child support, mortgage, and a few other things.  It has drained me pretty dry.

The Chronos Project has sponsored some money to offset the cost, but by in large this has all been out of pocket.

I am thinking of doing an Indiegogo fund raiser to see if i can drum up some interest for people to sponsor me.  I would really like to get sponsored by some grow light manufacturers and i can do some A-B comparisons for them to show their customers on plant growth.  The only thing that sucks about that route is the amount of work involved. We have run a successful kickstarter campaign, and while it was fun it was a lot of work to get all the material together.

So let me put up a shopping list in case any rich philanthropist wants to help me out.

Light House Hydro Blackstar 240w LED light

Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 (used)

Fuji XE-1 (used)

I have a couple other ideas that i think will really blow everyones mind, but that would be at least another 800-900 bucks. I think ill wait until i get some overtime from work.





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