New Biolapse Set up! Color Explosion!

I was up at my parents house today celebrating my moms birthday, and she told me about these Garden Tiles at Lowes, which is basically a small 2 square foot pallet of ground cover plants.   I figured this would be perfect, as I have probably at least a month before i will be ready to shoot the carnivorous plant set. Why sit around and wait?


The first order of business was to hang the light from the ceiling instead of the Jump Start scaffold. It was starting to get in the way.

Next i cleaned out the prior set, and planted about a dozen flowers. and the ground cover, along with some sphagnum and some extra background material.


It is pretty sweet, it is like an instant garden!

DSCF1593 DSCF1592


Now to give them maybe 3-4 days to see how they respond to the light, once i have everything dialed in and it all looks healthy i will start shooting. I changed from the MH bulb to the HPS bulb which is supposed to be better for flowering.


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