5/12/2014 Building Carniverous Set part 2

New set is coming along nicely.

And so is this blog. I may still work on some restructuring,  but this is incredibly less effort. And at this point, i need this to be simple.

SO… after a day of drying, i started using some painters tape to start building the area up. I did not want it solid foam, as i want to be able to access the grow ups from the back. . I decided to add in four grow zones.  Each grow cup has an inlet and outlet for watering from the rear so i do not have risk bumping or moving the plants once they are going.


Once the tape was in place i used more foam to build those areas up.


And here it is. I ran out of foam and will need to pick some more up. I am really please with the progress on this. Also, this is just a lot of fun!

I enjoy having creative outlets, I have always been pretty good at drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.  The foam is an incredibly easy medium to work with. Just spray it in, if some areas are too built up, no biggie, just use a bread knife and carve them down.


Here you can see one of the holes i put in the back of the setup where i can check the water levels. And as i mentioned earlier, there are two hoses in each up, one to add water in, and one to drain it out. So if i overfill by accident, no big deal. It also means i can keep the water fresh.


My Sundew!!!!!! Im so excited! I have wanted one of these for a long time now. Every time i got one it was destroyed in shipping.  THis one arrived in sorry shape, but it was alive. Apparently i have been doing something right because it has new leaves coming out covered in small red hairs with the little sticky glue on it. 🙂



I still have a lot of work ahead of me.  I need to finish the foam, texture, seal, and cover the set. i plan to add some sticks and branches, everything i can to create a set that looks like the real world.

I am about to go pull the memory card for the plants lori gave me. They really started to get big with this new grow light.  I think i am going to go pull the memory card in a little bit.  See how everything turned out


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