5/12/2014, results of latest test.

Here is the resulting footage from one solid week of growth. I work with a woman named Lori who was kind enough to give me some plants.  I am pretty excited about this test! The backdrop looks great, the movement of the camera looks excellent.  It was moving 2.75/1000th of an inch between every frame

Now is that for accuracy?  You will not find that movement resolution with any of the competition. 😉


Now that I am done patting myself on the back, everything went perfect. The new grow light made a HUGE difference, and i am hoping the output will be enough for the carnivorous set.  The camera triggered every single time, (plus 2 bonus frames that I deleted).  The lighting rigs worked, the Biolapse Control Module did its job.

My only complaint is the sphagnum moss moves a bit more than i wanted.  I will have to think the best way to tame that down. I am fairly sure it is a result of the day/night cycles.




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